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December News

Christmas Chapel Coming on Dec. 19 & Dec. 20

Christmas Chapel 2022

Special Christmas Music with Nativity Characters

Each year at Christmastime, Wesleyan has two special chapel days on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 9:00 a.m. Students will sing special Christmas songs, the elementary students will dress in special Nativity costumes and PreK 4 students will wear Christmas collars on those two special chapel days. The Christmas Story will be read by Krista Bailey as the elementary students wear the Nativity costumes and Wesleyan students will sing a couple of special Christmas songs. All parents, grandparents and friends are welcome to come on Dec. 19 or Dec. 20 at 9:00 a.m. The chapel will be the same each day. It should last about 30 minutes as we also include birthday blessings on those days. You are also welcome to take photos of the students after chapel around the tree!

1st and 2nd Grade Class Coming Next Year!

As you make plans for the next school year 2024-2025, Marsha Holman will be teaching the upcoming Kindergarten students who enroll for 1st grade and she will also teach the 1st graders who enroll for 2nd grade. Enrollment will start in February for 2024-2025 school year. Look for more information about early enrollment soon!

We Loved the Parade!

Let's do it again next year!! What fun it is to sing a song as we roll along the parade route! Thank you to all who came to be on the float! Thanks Krista, Jack and Audura and the staff of PPUMC!

Christmas Parade

What a FUN time to light up the Christmas season on a float through downtown Irving!

Season of FUN!
Have a Wonderful Week!